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Environment degradation leading to increase in cancer incidence: RGCIRC

Smoking, air pollution, diesel fumes are leading to an increase in incidence of lung cancer. Those working in plastic factories where benzene compounds are used are at risk of cancer of urinary bladder.

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Researchers Find New Way To Detect Blood Clots

To approach the problem from a new angle, researchers in Jain's lab at Texas A&M designed a micro-device that mimics tortuous blood vessels and created a diseased microenvironment in which blood may rapidly clot underflow.

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Study: COVID-19 Lockdowns Worsen Childhood Obesity

Children and teens struggling with obesity are placed in an unfortunate position of isolation that appears to create an unfavourable environment for maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviours.

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Healthcare Leaders From India, Usa And South East Asia Came Together To Discuss Survival During Covid-19 And Beyond

Discussion focused around digital and data-driven healthcare outreach and delivery, indigenous ecosystem, consolidation of back-end operations and mitigation of value chain risks.

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Study Explains How A Fat Cell's Immune Response Makes Obesity Worse

The new study shows how Type 1 interferons operate along an axis of interaction with IFNa receptors (IFNAR) to trigger a vicious cycle of inflammation. Among the effects: changes in expression of several genes associated with inflammation, glycolysis, and fatty acid production.

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Cabinet accepts promotion of domestic manufacturing of medical devices in country

The prime concern will be designated to domestic manufacturing of cancer care and radiotherapy medical devices

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